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Excel Indoor Rabbit

When it comes to what to feed your indoor rabbits, there are some nutritional challenges to meet. Burgess in-house vet Dr Suzanne Moyes explains: “While indoor rabbits may roam the lounge rather than the great outdoors, they still need to get everything from their diet that a wild rabbit would. With this in mind, we’ve developed a food developed specifically for house rabbits.”

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Excel Dual Care

Ill guinea pigs and rabbits require specialist care and hand feeding. Learn why Excel Dual Care is perfect for customers and how to use this Vet Recommended product

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Is your guinea pig overweight? Not sure on how much they should weigh? See this great chart we have included just for you!

Frequently asked questions

Is Burgess hay made from Timothy Hay?

Yes, All our hays are made with 100% Timothy Hay.

The Burgess Hay states to feed to rabbits only. Can I also feed it to my guinea pig?

Yes! All our hays can be fed to both guinea pigs and rabbits as they both require unlimited amounts of hay to keep their digestive system and their teeth healthy.

What food should I feed a Mini lop/Drawf Rabbit?

We recommend the Junior and Dwarf Rabbit Pellets for smaller breeds and also young kits.

Can I feed my baby guinea pig, the Burgess Guinea Pig Nuggets?

Yes! The Burgess Guinea Pig Nuggets can be fed to guinea pigs of all ages. We do recommend feeding guinea pigs under 6 months of age unlimited Lucerne hay and then switching to our 100% Timothy Hay when they are 6 months +. Lucerne had additional calcium which assist with bone development.

My Vet advised my rabbit is overweight. Do you have any nuggets to help them lose weight?

Yes! Our Burgess Excel Light Rabbit Nuggets are formulated to keep your rabbit full with a calorie limited formula.

My Rabbit is getting old. Do you have any pellets that will assist?

Yes! Our Burgess Excel Mature rabbit Nuggets have added glucosamine for joint health in addition to: Naturally high in Beneficial Fibre (38%) Prevents selective feeding Added ginseng for increased vitality Cranberry for urinary tract health Contains a natural prebiotic for digestive health Fortified with vitamins and minerals for healthy eyes, skin and coat Natural antioxidants to support the immune system

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